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All the parts we sell below are true DDR2-1066 Modules. Be aware that in the market place some venders will sell DDR2-800 with an EEprom that has been modified to tell the motherboard to run the parts at 1066MHz. Again, all the parts we sell below are true DDR2-1066 Modules.

512MB DDR2-1066 240-Pin DIMM
512MB DDR2-1066 240-Pin DIMM
512MB DDR2-1066 240-Pin DIMM
Quality Level: Broker Quality Performance User Gamer / Power User
Module Board: 4-Layer 6-Layer 6-Layer
DRAM Type: High-Density Low-Density Low Density
DRAM Brands: OEM Major Samsung, Micron, Hynix or Similar
Restocking Fee: 15% 15% None
Warranty: 90 Days 1 Year Lifetime
Recommended For: Low Cost System Builders
/ Auction Resellers
Home & Office Applications
Enhanced Stability & Performance
Business Critical / Gaming
Ultimate Stability & Performance
Part Number: g-512mb-ddr2-1066 o-512mb-ddr2-1066 at-512mb-ddr2-1066

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